Teknofibra Specifications

Heat Resistance

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Teknofibra Heat Resistant Materials Teknofibra Heat Resistant Materials Teknofibra Heat Resistant Materials Teknofibra Heat Resistant Materials
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Teknofibra Specifications

Teknofibra is a very light weight material (480 g/m2) heat reflecting, heat absorbing with thermal performance that until today any other insulator is not able to give.

Temperature contact 350°C (662°F).

Thermal conductivity [W/MK] from 0,026 to 0°C (32°F)

and 0,045 to 400°C (752°F).

Teknofibra is an excellent insulator to protect the inside of Laminars. It can also protects cold parts exposed to direct solar radiations and parts in close proximity to high temperatures.

Teknofibra is not toxic and even at very high temperature does not emit noxious gas. Teknofibra is an excellent sound absorber, can be

successfully used for production of dissipative mufflers,

sound absorber parts and flame protection.

Special shapes and sizes can be made to customer design.

Special compound can be made for high temperature insulation: e.g for a direct contact to a thermal source over 1000°C (1832°F).


This unique material protects parts mounted in close proximity to high temperature heat sources that would otherwise be damaged without adequate protection.


Teknofibra has been developed whilst undergoing rigorous performance tests in our engineering laboratories.


Our company specialises in the field of acoustics and energetics engineering, industrial, environmental and construction.


Our expertise gained through racing has established that Teknofibra has the enviable position of leading the world in thermal and acoustic material performance without equal.

Comparison of performance of the highest performing materials in commerce

Sorted by decreasing performance (thermal conductivity increase)

Thermal conductivity at 20 ° C


Download a Teknofibra specification sheet here

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